Breakfast on monday morning!



Egg with melted cheese sandwich!

I fried the bread with butter, lol. Tastes way better than toasted bread. Melt the cheese on the bread. Cooked the egg with the left over butter in the pan. It was the best breakfast ever! ‘cos I made it (Food always tastes better when you make it yourself). The thrill (You see, I can’t use the kitchen so I had to remember how everything was placed and clean the stove to make it look like it has not been used. The butter splatters were the worst. It trains memory and how to be a good housewife, hahaha). It’s my first time (The joy of trying something the first time and you succeed. I like that feeling)!

I don’t take cooking for granted ‘cos I can’t do it at home. I like cooking but I have to do it secretly at home. I hate F&N, though. I like to cook without a recipe book.


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