Went to The Nex with Agnes on Monday to get Yuanyi’s 18th birthday present! I like meeting her ‘cos when we meet at 1pm, I can just open walk out of my house at 12.59pm. And there’s someone who will take the bus with me to and from that place :) Don’t ever move away.

Bought a ton of _ stuff. (I know Yuanyi will read my blog. I DARE HER TO NOT READ LOL)

And we had lunch at Lenas! Apparently, it’s M.O.F’s friend.





Our dishes look the same but they were different. Both mushrooms pasta. How can anyone not love mushrooms :( I love to chew them. We wanted to top up 6$ extra for beer, HAHAHAHAHAHA.

Talked about getting our hair dyed together on the way home. Agnes was saying how I should dip-dye my hair. I’m leaning on the side of electric blue :) Either the entire head is blue, or dip-dye it blue or streaks of blue. I can’t dye my hair peroxide blond because of all the bleaching.


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