Things to remember ☺ Days without pictures.

16th September 2011, Saturday.

1) Youth Guidance with Jingshan.
2) Grocery shopping with Jingshan and Sulee.
3) Talking about korean dramas with them.
4) First time using a can opener and I was successful.
5) Made mini pizzas with Jingshan, Evangeline and some other girls.
6) Jingshan made one for me with only mushrooms! ♥

17th September 2011, Sunday.

1) Father drove me to Changi Prison at 6am.
2) Was involved in the Yellow Ribbon run as volunteers!
3) Went in with Jingshan, Liyana, Nadhirah and Yeewei.
4) Stationed to give out the goodie bags :)
5) I got a cut from don’t know where.
6) Have not touched so much sweat in my life. Ew.
7) Got a goodie bag at the end of the day :)
8) Walked around Changi airport with Jingshan.

18th September 2011, Monday.

1) Swensons at Thomson Plaza with Mom, Aunty Melody, siblings and cousins.

19th September 2011, Tuesday.

1) Waited for Glenn at Ourspace’s fishbowl where Joel, Praise and Rachel are.
2) Had lunch with Joel.
3) Went for Leo Club’s GL meeting with Glenn.
4) Played bonding games like MRT and it was the most not-awkward bonding game ever, considering I don’t know any of them.
5) Met this girl called Yijing (One of the GLs) and she said she recognised me from Camp 5 in TCP 2010 when I helped out. I love it when people associate me with TCP, lol.
6) Tried out the games for the camp and it was really fun. People like Joshua Benjamin and Zul made me laughed so much! I never had so much fun with people who were almost strangers! Amazing.
7) I had flour on my scalp and JB kept laughing at me!
8) Was at 73 trying out a game and I saw the Hi-Club GLs (Jingshan!)!
9) Went back to TCP after the entire thing.
10) Darell/Daryl (How ever his name was spelt. He’s this water-polo guy on the Singapore national team) kept me company while I had nothing to do there. I didn’t want to interrupt.
11) Saw Siewhuey and I met even more of our PCS juniors :) Glad they recognised me even before I introduced myself.
12) Mark allowed me to be one of the crocodiles for the moat game!!!
13) Saw Jinghan (I know her since I was primary 2)! I missed her so much. She got really pretty and still as cute as ever :)
14) Officially friends/acquaintances with Vincent and Wayne from ABM. I remembered Vincent’s name because his group was merged with mine for awhile on FOW. Wayne said he has always thought I was from ABM ‘cos I have the ABM face! I bowed and said I’m honoured LOL. We spoke in Chinese! I love it when people converse to me in Chinese. (Completely unrelated: Told Bingxian to only speak Chinese to me!)
15) Made friends with Emily (One of the mentors in TCP. Really pretty)! I can’t believe she is only 17?! And she is so easy to talk to?! Told me about Monica and Nick and that Justice is the same age as I am (I still can’t believe it). A lot of many other random things too :)
16) Played the string game with Travis and James Mercer!
17) Left at 10pm ‘cos I was extremely late for my next event.
18) Made friends at the last minute with Huijie (He’s this guy from TCP 2010 with this really cute voice!) :)
19) Saw Adelyn and Theon at the bus stop!
20) Took the bus home with Kimberly :)
21) Reached Yuanyi’s house at 11 plus, almost 12am. I almost got killed by both of them, lol.

I’m not prefect, but my life definitely is. It’s beyond amazing. I got the photos of Assumption Pathway Day 1 and Day 3 already. Read that, please? I really miss those days and the students there.


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