Assumption Pathway Day 3.

This was the most most most challenging group ever. When we haven’t even start to play games, Darren told me straight in face, “Are you here to teach our class? Then just forget it. Our class is the most GL class out of all the classes. Don’t have one day where there are no fights.”

I was shocked that the bluntness so I just said, “We are not here to teach you.” Lol.

This group seriously made me miss Day 1 and Day 2. I was so mentally tired that when they fought, I didn’t try to stop it that much and kind of got immune to it.




Habib! He kept wanting to sit beside me. He is so funny. I can still remember the look on his face when he held my hand HAHAHAHA. So shy and happy at the same time LOL. He is one of the mature ones :)

Sat with Michelle. She’s looks like she has down syndrome (I am not bring rude here, really) but for some reason, she is not in th especial needs class. She speaks really well, though. But is constantly bullied by her classmates because she doesn’t want to join them in anything.

She told me she wants to quit APS and is already planning it.

This is the only group that thanked us together and loudly after we are done :)

My students from Day 1 and Day 2 came and sat close to me during lunch. I missed them.

I can’t talk much about this group because our program got cut short halfway because they needed to do some sculpting thing for their school’s challenge.

My dear group.

This boy called Hafiz is so cute!!!! While walking to this place, he kept asking me to treat him to something, hahaha. After the entire event was over, he pulled me aside and told me a secret! He said he bought fries and forced me to pinky promise with him that I wouldn’t tell anybody! Hahahahahaha. The different ways he tried to eat his fries secretly.

He sat with me on the bus back :)



Glad I have Jac and Anne around :)

Most of the students there found me on facebook. Some of them tells me things and I really think I am in no position to give advice. I can only hear them out and hope for the best. They really do have a lot going on in their lives. Most people just give up on trying to understand them and just scold them for whatever they did wrong. It’s really hard at first when you try to win their favour, but everything comes easy once they think you are someone they can trust that will understand them and not scold them for the bad things they do.

They are people with good hearts but sometimes, they express it the wrong way by insulting other people really cruelly, hitting other people, raising their voices and curse just to protect themselves or others.

It also sucks that Singapore stresses so much on education.


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