Iphone 4 white.

By this time, I’d be at NP right now. Fusion camp :)

During the sleepover at Yuanyi’s house, Agnes and Yuanyi painted my fingernails while I was sleeping. One of them held up my fingers and one of them put nailpolish on it.

The colours are pretty.



Got my iphone 4 white on Saturday. New born baby. The lockscreen is the feet of all the cyclists of T04 chalet 2011. The homescreen is a photo of Kangling, Liting and I. The first best friends I made in poly and they still are :)

I finally, do not have to suffer with that sony ericsson phone of mine. I’m not bringing my iphone to fusion camp, though. Going to suffer with the SE phone first.

I hope you all are enjoying your holidays, like I’m enjoying mine :)


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