Great week :)

20th to 21st September, 2011.

Sleepover at Yuanyi’s house! It’s her post birthday celebration :) Reached Yuanyi’s house at 11 plus pm! Hee hee, they made cup noodles for me and we had Häagen-Dazs’ cookies and cream ice-cream! I fell asleep real soon because I was tired. While I was sleeping, they painted my nails, lol. They watched tv until 5am in the morning. We woke up at 12pm.

Got ready and went to town to shop at H&M and caught Stupid Crazy Love! Great romance comedy.

Bought Kangling a tiny present.

Went home with Agnes Ang.

22nd to 23rd September, 2011.

Went to Serena’s house for a sleepover. We cooked lunch by ourselves! French beans, fishballs, hot dogs, eggs and instant noodles! Watched four episodes of Gong Xin Ji! Had a karaoke session by myself ‘cos Serena was preparing for camp.

Watched Family Man, learnt quite a few things from there. Almost cried. Heart to heart talks with Serena but I died at around 1am.

Made breakfast again! Fried an egg. Left Serena’s at 2pm :)

24th September, 2011.

Celebrated Jiamin’s birthday at Popo’s house! Huge cheesecake brownie. Didn’t finish my slice ‘cos it’s too chocolatey.

25th September, 2011.

I remembered I was out but I forgot what I did. Oh no.

26th to 28th September, 2011.

Leo Fusion Camp. WAIT FOR IT.

29th September, 2011.

Met up with Daniel Chua at Jurong East Library. Helped him with his social studies for O levels ‘cos he is retaking it. He accompanied me for dinner :)

Listening to his complains are is funny! Lol.


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