1st Oct. Happy children’s day!

But instead of celebrating Children’s day, I had my advanced birthday celebration at popo’s house! :)


This girl here went hunting for something I really want. Seriously, really sweet of her. But it has no stock and it will only arrive in mid-october. She told me to wait for it. I love you, Boon Jiamin.


I want to thank my mom for buying such an ordinary cake but is well loved by a lot of people. It may be cheap but I think it’s best when other people like it too. I wouldn’t want a cake that only I can enjoy. I won’t be able to eat the entire cake, anyway.



A picture with popo just reminds me that I have not been to see my ahma for a really long time! I didn’t go because now Aunty Sharon is not working, she can keep her company :(

Wasn’t even my birthday yet but I’m really happy. I was even more than happy on my birthday the next day. Wait for the next post!

Thanks for reading everything, if you did :)


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