Hi club camp! Zero Hour.

What a great camp :)

Day 1. 3rd Oct 2011

Was with the entire group of PCS year 2s. They made me really high and all. Thank you, my Kangling for the lovely birthday presents. I was so excited. A camp is always fun is you know more than 1/2 of the people there.

We only got into our groups on the day itself. Yellow group, Bonunu! I can name all my group members!
At the back is Aisha, Ron, Joey, Xinying, Tingwei, Jiahui, Joe, Vincent kang and Vincent Tan.
At the front will be Songyi, Yanhong, Angeline, Sihui, Jerry, Yizhen and me!

I don’t know why they didn’t ask for a retake when I was looking away :( It was our souvenir photo on the last day.


Turned out all the people that surrounded me were all from Psychology and Community Services! All the year 1s. I told them I was year 1 but they didn’t believe. Our intake is too little for such a joke. Maybe if I was in Accountancy, they would have just ate it up. Oh, the food was greatttttt.

A lot of games.

Played captain ball with butter. So. Oily. Then they poured flour on us and we had super awesome water games. Like what someone from my group said, they were planning to make bread out of all of us. Butter, flour and water? We thought it’ll be eggs next.

Oh, played mrt at some point. Jiahui and I had a war. Vincent Kang suffered the most.

Basic B lessons.

Learned the signing of our new song until 2am.

Had a great time laughing with Yizhen and Kangling. We laughed at every. single. thing we said. Until about 4am.

Day 2, 4th Oct 2011.

Theory test.

Amazing race. So many weird things we had to do. The only part I was hyped up was when we had to sign in the middle of Woodlands mrt and at Dhoby Ghout. And when we all had chicken rice.

Seekers and Protectors. Best night game I ever played.

Day 3, 5th Oct 2011.

Practical test day. Was paired with Lionel! WOO.

Practiced our song like wow. I was so confident.

Performance time. Confidence level dropped to negative 50 because I wasn’t expecting us to be the first group up. I thought I was all prepared but I wasn’t, mentally.

All in all, it was great. I loved Hi-club camp. That was just a really brief outline of what we did. Now I’ll get more detailed :)

The Bonunus!

Joey! Found her very pretty ever since I saw her at the closing ceremony. Thought she was a year 1 but is actually a year 2. She led us well during the entire planning of our performance.

Tingwei, my year 1 junior. I love the way she smiles. Really pretty But I think I intimidated her with all my “Hi, Tingwei.” + Wide smile.

Vincent Kang! He is like the happy apple in our group. He laughs at everything and anything. His laughter makes me want to laugh to :) His jacket left a huge memory on Day 1 night.

Joe! ANOTHER OF MY PCS JUNIOR. He started to get really funny as the camp progressed. The deepest impression left was when we created a new sign name for him and he told us that this was not his usual hair. And the black magic (mind) game Vincent, Jiahui and I played to make him go crazy.

Jiahui! I am jealous about everything about him! I think he’s prettier than most girls sometimes. He has all these weird ideas in his head that are ridiculously funny. The first person who appreciates my nose! And for that, I will remember you forever, Jiahui. I will whack anyone who calls him the G word. Pretty guys aren’t the G word.

Yanhong! She cares about everyone, I can see that. She calls us babies LOL.

Songyi. Damn. Thought they were only saying she looks like a korean but found that after that camp that she actually is a korean. Amazing. My first Korean friend! She’s already at the intermediate level :)

Ron. Another PCS junior! One of the rare basic As I see who actually tries his signs and talk. Soft spoken but really nice and easy to talk to. I know most of them think it is embarrassing and stuff ‘cos I had that moment too at my first Intructors’ Camp. But now, I find it a joy to be able to sign.

Aisha! She definitely does not look Malay! I wanted to speak to her in Chinese. Well, almost. Nice girl :) I didn’t get to talk to her much but I remembered I told her her legs were really long. Envious!

Angeline! SHE TOTALLY LOOKS LIKE AMANDA. I am sticking by this fact no matter what. A nice girl too :) She and Aisha were almost stuck to each other throughout the camp. She could have stuck to me too :(

Xinying. Omg her sign name is so cute. Well, the link between her name and sign name. Her glasses left a deep impression on me. I didn’t know there were lens that could magnify your eyes until I met her. Cool invention, whoever who made it. I wish I had talked to her more.

Vincent Tan. I want to thank him so so so so much for being there for me through out the camp. You know how you will always have at least a partner to be with you, he was my partner! There were 9 girls and 5 boys so the both of us had to go together. He is the person I know the best out of everybody there so of course I was most comfortable with him. Partnered for almost everything. But because I kept partnering with him, I thought I would be causing him to not bond with the guys well. Found out after the camp he needed me too HAHAHAHAHAHAHA. HONOURED.

He was the one who took all of the above pictures with the group members for me without any complaints. Thank you, Vinny Tan.

I got Sihui as my GL this time! Really envious when Jingshan got her for the first instructors’ camp. I found her pretty and nice. But after knowing her, she is like an ant, that I want to crush LOL. Kept calling me a shrimp when I am obviously a huge prawn. 3/4 of my laughter while in this group was because of her. So damn funny. You know you are my best and favourite GL. But I will still step on you, si ma yi.

She sent me a sweet message after the camp. So obvious she purposely picked me to be her camper.

My other GL, Jerry! I can see it’s his first time and he tried really hard! Only found out he is some pro karate person at the end of the camp. Not bad, hid it so well.

Yizhen! My picture with her is in her phone :( She is a great PCS senior! Yeah, there were a lot of PCS students in my group. How great was that?! She’s the type that you’d love to make friends with once you see her. Her thoughts were really funny too and the way she speaks. Hahahahahaha. I’ll miss the nights with her the most :)

Other campers:

Raj. I love being around him. He makes me laugh like no one else. My tummy always aches whenever he’s around.

Haojie. Very cute person but he kept photoboming all my photos!!! But he gave me a cookie on Day one so all was forgiven :)

My partner for the practical test. Lionel! When I knew he was my partner, I immediately felt relieved. Basic A classmate. He is the type that you would love to bully and I do that a lot, hahahaha. He’s great to be around too :)

Bingxian! Talked to him on twitter first and I don’t really like that ‘cos it’ll get awkward. It was at first but I decided if we can talk on Twitter, we can talk in real life so I treated him like a friend instead of someone I talked to for the first time. Yep, that camp was when I talked to him for the first time when we were already friends on twitter.

Siewhuey. She made such a huge impact on my life. My first camper at HMS orientation. She’s the one who started the fire about my love to be a GL. She is the camper that every GL wishes to have and I got her first! It was a pity we weren’t in the same group but it’s alright, as long as she had fun :D

Tingkang! Yay, my Tanglin and HMS junior. I don’t know if I have shared our amazing story about how we found out we were ex schoolmates or not but it was one of the best shocking moments of my life? It’s like knowing a stranger. The irony. We clicked so well too! Why aren’t we friends in Tanglin? It’s a waste, I must say.

Yaxun, she knows how much I love her already :)

How can I ever miss out these three. Jingshan, Mandy and Kangling. Because of them, I started a lot of things :) Hi club, closing committee, hi club’s external events. Knowing so many people.

Dear Kangling, I painted your fringe already. No holes, as you like it.

1F. Basic A class. Started my passion for signing. 1 Family forever :)

Bonunu’s group photos!

I don’t know what they were doing. It’s weird. That’s why they were all such great groupmates :)

Suggested by Vincent Kang? SNSD’s Run Devil Run. Aw.

Some boss thing LOL.



It the group that makes a camp fun. I’m thankful that we are all in the same group. I definitely had a great time. Best GLs, best groupmates, best food, best everything. I love this camp :)

But I still have to say, I brought the highness from Leo Camp over to this camp. So thank you, Leo Club, again, lol.


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