was great. Went to Assumption Pathway School in the morning with Jac and Anne. I want to thank Jac so much for inviting me to join them. I got to see all of the students I was with during campland. I missed them so so so much. I wanted to cry but it’s too dramatic and things. They remembered my name. Even those who aren’t in the groups I took knew my name. They complained that they all said hi to me on Facebook and I didn’t reply. I patted their heads. Waved and smiled to the students who impacted my life.

I will never forget them. I’d do anything to go back and volunteer to do something there again. I really would. Read my Assumption Pathway posts if you aren’t sure why I am so attached to them :)

Went to watch Real Steel with Vincent, Mandy, Siaotian, Raj, Alasdair and Javis at Plaza Sing. The entire trip there was so much fun. Played those kiddy games like Caterpillar and a mind game which the rest took the entire trip to get it.

Had the worst ramen in the world.

Real Steel was awesome. Seriously.

Had a nice chat with Raj ‘cos we take the same bus home :)


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