I totally forgot what I did on the 7th Oct, Friday.

9th Oct, Sunday.

Helped Daniel with his SS at KAP. Made me laugh ‘cos the way he complains about things is hilarious. He accompanied me to wait for Felicia and Jeanette at West Coast Plaza :)

Had steamboat with Felicia, Jeanette and Kangling! Awesome. I had so much meat. Incredibly satisfied :) Felicia and Jeanette got Kangling and I presents and a helium-filled balloon!


I love the presents! I am definitely bringing something they gave to Hongkong.


This was taken almost a year ago. I miss you two. Although we don’t see each other much now and Jeanette chopped off her hair, I will not let us drift apart. So darn glad these are my group members in the TCP camp. They made me love camps. Love you guys :)


4 thoughts on “☺☺☺

  1. Hahaha I laughed when I was reading “and Jeanette chopped off her hair” :D
    Hehe love you too :) <3
    Stay safe in HK! :)

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