Used to.



The first picture is my current wallpaper. The second one was taken outside Citygate. I will miss Hongkong. The place, not so much. It’s like Singapore but with tons of hills, suspended bridges, really polluted air and buildings with no paint. I will miss the times I had there. The sides of friends I saw. The late nights were the best :) I would definitely live the 6 days of Hongkong again.

It seems like only yesterday I picked Mandy up from Tiong Bahru. Then it soon became buying three shirts in Changi Airport on definite impulse because I felt like I didn’t spend enough in Hongkong. I’m not much of a shopperholic.

The times I had there were really precious to me. I will never. Never forget them.

Thank you, Psychology and Community Services Year 2s and Mr Fred, Mr Tan, Mr Lee, Miss Helen and of course, Miss Faith who made it all come true but wasn’t able to go there with us :)


p/s Wait for my Hongkong post.


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