Thursday and Friday.

27th, Oct 2011.



Pastry tasting at Délifrance with Mandy, Kangling and Alasdair. We braved the storm until an American man threw us, his umbrella. There are still good things happening around the world :) Dirt cheap books at Jelita. I’m going to get them soon. Maybe Tuesday? Or I should probably get my textbooks first.

28th Oct 2011.

Scarefest with Mandy, Raj, VINCENT(in case I accidentally left out his name again :(), Javis and Alasdair. Lol. I was laughing 70% of the time and screaming 30%. Got the timings mixed up so we were there real early. But they said it couldn’t be compared to LAC’s night walk.

Macs with the same group + Siaotian. Siaotian and Raj’s fights, lol.

Took bus 61 home with Raj. Heart to heart talks with him always gave me a new perspective on things. He makes me feel that I am not insensitive enough, sometimes. Glad to meet someone like him :)


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