Wanted to write a load of things on here until I had to read a post I wrote in May 2010. It was utterly depressing. I was crying really hard when I wrote that. I read it out of my own choice, I could have chose not to read it but, ahh.

Took the bus home with Raj again and he filled my mind with really deep thoughts. I wasn’t sure I wanted to feel that much on a night after a long day but it’s good to think about things with a friend.

Sometimes I just want to shut my brain down.

Hee hee, some happier things. The last thing Raj said to me before I got onto the bus was, “Don’t be temporary.” I replied, “I’ve never temporary. I’m forever.”

I am not and never was a temporary friend. If you are a good friend, I will never let you go unless you don’t want to be held on by me or something. Glad that I know how to secure friends around me :)

Friends forever, friends.


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