My 14th of Nov.

Was thinking I’d better do this post before I draaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag it like what I am doing many doing to many posts :(




Hee hee. It all came true because of Abby. Such a sweet girl.

It was a really last minute thing ‘cos Mandy and I were contemplating about whether to go or not since we are not that close to Kenji. BUT STILL, HE WAS OUR INSTRUCTOR. It’s like how you celebrate for your father, lol, something like that. Not that Kenji is our father or anything, hahaha. Okay, a teacher’s birthday.

Rushed back for it after pool with Zhencheng. Saw a double rainbow with him. He takes damn weird pictures. I had fun, though :)

Not a bus ride but a taxi ride with Raj this time :) I noticed that he went from speaking to the cab driver in English, then Chinese then Hokkien.


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