You are the apple of my eye.


— 沈佳宜, 《那些年,我們一起追的女孩》

Made a spontaneous decision with Kangling after having lunch at BTFM. I had a bowl of duck porridge and a plate of roasted pork rice. Kangling had wanton  noodles and chicken chop. We were super hungry ‘cos it was already 3 plus at that time and we had lunch :(

Yes, so the spontaneous decision was to watch You are the apple of my eye. 那些年,我們一起追的女孩 at Causeway point! Booked online so save seats!

Bus ride with Vincent Kang who joined us after his practice. We just created a secret group! HAHAHA. Nice and long chat on the bus to Woodlands and because the movie started. Thank you, Vincent Kang for accompanying us until our movie starts :)

So, it was the best movie ever. I wouldn’t mind is this was my last movie of the year. Amazing amazing amazing. My expectations for it was really high and it still managed to go beyond that. PLEASE WATCH IT.  A single sentence changed everything in both of their lives. The actions of the male lead just made him the perfect man on Earth and his face was quite ordinary. Nothing like Francisco Lachowski but I’d pick the male lead any day :)

I wouldn’t mind watching it a second time.


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