All the happy things.

Waffles and milk for breakfast. Father driving me to school at 8 plus in the morning. Morning text messages. Found a plain black shirt from H&M, it’s my bro’s. Hard-core practicing with the SADEAF team. Darren’s comments and encouragements. 5 minute talk with Kangling. Holding hands with Jingshan whenever we practice the entire song because it was part of our performance. “Where is your sense of urgency?!”. Kangling, Jingshan and Yijun, my poles of support on the bus. Running in the rain with the entire team. Just so we can reach in time to support the other team. Holding Kangling’s hand the entire way from Scape to Taka. Siewhuey’s hugs. Jasmine’s hugs. Macs with the team. Saw the old board of Leo Club. Dear Mandy came to support! Bingxian helped to hold my bag. Zhixiong and Eelin’s constant reminder to just have fun on stage and not to be stressed, really worked. The entire performance. The sense of relief after that. Missing “Big Time” right after it ends. The hands-in-the-middle thing with the team. Javis used his card to pay for tickets for the 4 of us (we paid him back okay). Mandy for booking the tickets because I was feeling really irritated by it. Elvin and Vincent getting the balloon down for Jingshan. Writing our wishes on a helium filled balloon. Javis went to get our tickets and had to end up going to Vivo by himself. The 3 darlings who took a cab with me and went to Northpoint because I had to go my grandmother’s house for awhile. A nice uncle who kept us entertained on the cab.

Saw Yunjia after a long time. Aunty bought back my favourite lemon tea drink that can only be found in Hongkong! (I thought she would buy 6 packets and I was thinking of giving on to Alasdair ‘cos he was the one who introduced me to it but she only bought 2 :(). She also bought me a black envelope clutch and a burberry scarf! Understanding relatives ‘cos I had to leave after awhile.

The run to the cinema. You are the apple of my eye for the second time. Laughing with Kangling at the things we’ve seen before. Trying to sound cool about going into McCafé. Being able to get Mandy’s blackforest cake. The nice woman who lent us her lighter. Unglam pictures. So much laughter. Group photos. Foam kisses and chocolate lips. Tangled legs. My birthday wish was fulfilled.

Huijian’s understanding. Found motivation to go for the Leo event. Being able to enter the BeMod blog (motivation to actually do it)

I had so much fun today I’d live it all over again if I could but that would take away the meaning of it all. Things pass so we can keep them as memories and have the ability to cherish everyday :)

To Mandy, I hope you had fun. I know how much you dislike people saying to do this and that but never get to do it. What I decided to do with you constantly stays on my mind ‘cos I don’t want you to think it’s an empty promise. No one likes trying to hold on to a lie. Our post-its in books in Kinokuniya, black and white picture day, flea, night therapies and more Milly’s manicures. I’m not saying we can do it all so soon but I will definitely make it all come true :)


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