Lucky lucky.


Taken way back in 2010, August.

I am a damn damn damn lucky person. Yesterday, my laptop’s battery went crazy. It kept switching between charging and not charging and got stuck at 13%. The notification kept popping up continuously when I already charged it. So I thought I can use it without the battery but it totally doesn’t work without it. That is really bad when it can’t even work without the battery and when the charger is still connected. So I was thinking “Everyone will have a bad computer day, it’s mine this time.” I managed to continue using it without going mad.

Backed up all my files and my picture folder was 10 times the size of my work.

When I came home, everything was alright again :) Like a miracle. Wheeeeeeeee.


It started raining hamsters when I wanted to go popo’s house. Was pretty much sheltered everywhere until Yishun MRT. Opened my umbrella and started walking. I stepped on every single puddle I saw. When I stepped on one, I smiled. I didn’t know I was smiling until halfway. Because I was wearing slippers, I didn’t care :) Those who wear shoes in this weather are just waiting to be pissed off. I bought red Wellington Bear boots when I was young so I can step in puddles whenever it rains but for some reason, I never got to do that. Slippers are better.

You said you love the rain but you use an umbrella.” It is only practical to use it. As much as I love the rain, I can’t afford to get sick. Weirdest line ever. You can’t expect me to walk under the rain whenever it rains. It’s like saying you love getting sick or you don’t run when it rains or you don’t have an umbrella.

But please don’t do what I did. The puddles were damn dirty. Stepped on every dirty puddle until it came to a point where there are semi-muddy puddles, I continue to step into them, lol. The walk was shorter than usual because I focused on stepping in puddles. Fun but dirty.



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