Yet another wonderful week.

Had this really long three hour break on Monday. Went on the search for Astons! I know it was somewhere around ‘cos Junze told me. It was only Liting, Jingshan and I. The rest of our manpower were down, lol.




Went for this amazing lunch and dessert. We sure know how to pamper ourselves. Well, we have to! Chances like that will would be really rare in the future. Had this looooooooooooooong chat about the ideal type. I just love talking to the both of them :) Two different views on what we should believe in. Jingshan still wants the perfect guy while Liting wants someone she can depend on. I don’t know what I want.

Slept on the 10 minute bus back ‘cos we were that tired.

Wednesday, dinner with Lionel. Another looooooong heart to heart talk about relationships while drinking Earl grey milk tea :)


Two consecutive days after school with Kangling :)

Imagine if I stayed in her village, I think I wouldn’t be able to get home even at 3am. We talked in Bugis till’ 11.30!

A wish that I want to send to japan. A sentence from a long paragraph I wrote behind that: “I wish to light up people’s lives.” Yeah, those are coloured lights LOL.

Goodbye to another awesome week. Had fun during BeMod’s mock test with Raj and Javis. Doodled on each others’ papers. I wrote a huge FYL on Javis’ paper HAHAHA. Oh, and a VL for Raj LOL. Mandy’s birthday. Best lecture party ever :) Funny meeting with Liting, Jianhe and Jianxiong on Friday afternoon.


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