Things that make me happy :)

1. Rain.
2. Sun.
3. Apples.
4. Roses.
5. Pretty lights.
6. Pens that write smoothly.
7. Apple cinnamon donuts.
8. Old Channel 8 shows.
9. Waffles from Bakery Story.
10. Bak ku teh.
11. Chicken rice with lots of dark sauce.
12. Books, romance novels.
13. Korean, Taiwan, Japanese and American Drama series
14. DVDs, VCDs and CDs.
15. Bananas.
16. Cold beancurd
17. High class cereal.
18. Museums.
19. Gardens.
20. Pretty clouds.
21. Stars.
22. Aeroplanes flying in the night.
23. Sunflowers.
24. Pretty boxes.
25. Movie tickets.
26. Great hair.
27. Bubbles.
28. Xiao long bao.
29. Pork belly.
30. Mango pudding.
31. Almond jelly.
32. Songs.
33. Number 2.
34. Pictures. A lot a lot alot of well taken pictures.
35. Smiling.
36. Laughing.
37. Beaches.
38. Barbecues.
39. Making presents.
40. Making cards.
41. Anything related to art.
42. Funny people.
43. People who laugh at my jokes.
44. Honesty.
45. Heart to heart talks with people I didn’t expect to have them with.
46. Heart to heart talks with my favourite people.
47. People trusting me with their secrets.
48. Being able to buy what a person really wants.
49. Making new friends.
50. People asking me to palm read.
51. People calling me Xinxin. (Not as a joke)
52. Calling me a star.
53. Doing something is better than not doing and regretting it.
54. Being high in camps.
55. Kind hearted people.
56. Volunteering.
57. People sharing their feelings with me even they only knew me for a short while.
58. Movies that make me cry.
59. Being in an amusement part with a lot of people.
60. Watching movies in the night.
61. Falling asleep while watching something.
62. Hoodies.
63. Long sleeved shirts.
64. Bracelets.
65. Hugs.
66. Dogs.
67. Children.
68. Long bus rides with a friend.
69. Buffets.
70. Going overseas.
71. Getting souvenirs for all my friends.
72. Vans (shoes)
73. Heels taller than 3 inches.
74. My blog.
75. Meetings that are high.
76. Coffeebean.
77. Teachers remembering my name.
78. More pcs Hongkong trips.
79. Celebrating festivals with people.

(and the list goes on…)

1. Father getting me what I crave.
2. Telling things about my life to my mother.
3. Brother telling me his secrets.
4. Sister telling me her problems.
5. Kangling.
6. Meeting Kaiyan in the mornings.
7. Outings with Agnes, Glenn, Junxiong, Jamie and Jeanine.
8. Fighting with Agnes on msn.
9. Days with Mandy in them.
10. Heart to heart talks with Jingshan.
11. Talking current issues with Liting.
12. Breakfast/movies with Yaxun.
13. Staying up on msn until 3am with Winston.
14. FB chats with Glenn.
15. Bus rides with Glenn.
16. Fighting with Jianxiong.
17. Sudden deep talks with Jianhe.
18. Bus rides with Kimberly.
19. Angry stares at Liyana.
20. Love talk with Nadhirah.
21. Winking at Yeewei.
22. Jayne singing.
23. Vincent teaching me things.
24. Singing with Raj.
25. Heart to heart talks on bus rides with Raj.
26. Javis’ spontaneity. (Still can’t believe he bought a watermelon in Hongkong)
27. Alasdair’s fake grudge against me.
28. Coffee trips with Kris.
29. Making Nicholas happy.
30. Pissed off look with Waiyee.
31. Meeting Felicia, Jeanette, Yanjiang, Junze, Zhangquan and Weixuan around in school.


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