The time I am starting this post :) All pictures by Mandy’s Coolpix 300.

I didn’t do much on Monday or Tuesday because there’s a test on Tuesday and an essay due on Wednesday. But I am happy studying with a ton of people at the Attic. Ah, wait. Tuesday, Mac with Raj and Javis until 11.30. We took a cab back, lol.

Wednesday, Mandy, Javis and I stayed back at the LT theater to finish up our essays. Raj and I watched Vampire Dairies on the huge screen while Javis and Mandy went killing scary monsters. Alumni to celebrate! Found Abby who lent us the card. We bowed.




4 people and 5 medium sized dishes. Yeah, we didn’t finish it all. Raj and I were at in the anything-can-make-me-laugh mood. Kept laughing at Javis’ red lips after he ate chili padi by accident. There’s this point where I laughed at the way Mandy ate. Then Mandy and I laughed at Raj trying to control his laughter and he tried to eat a fish properly but he dropped it.  I’ll get 6 pacs with them.

Group photos.
First it was like that. Mandy: “Oh my goodness, why so formal?! Cannot, again. Take away the chairs!”

Mandy: “It still looks very formal. Hahaha, look at Raj’s face! Again!!”

Mandy: “Oh my goodness, what are you all doing?! Can please show some love?!”
Raj: “Omg, Mandy, I really don’t know what you want.” *Shows the funny exasperated face.

Mandy: “Can you all show that you all are very loving?!”

Raj: “CAN ALREADY OR NOT? This is the most loving I can get already.”
Mandy: “Ah, nice. You all look very happy in this picture.” :)

Mandy: “I love this picture.”

LOL. AFTER LIKE 5000 TRIES. So funny. Mandy was channeling some model photographer. It’s my current wallpaper for my computer.

Went back to be with the Hi-Clubbers. Mandy left to watch Breaking Dawn. (The first Twilight movie I didn’t catch on the big screen).

Thursday, UR was okay. Went to meet Mandy, Javis and Raj after it. Sang out loud to many songs with Mandy. Sang to Chinese songs with Raj.


Island Creamery with those three + Vincent and Elvin! AND WE WENT GROCERY SHOPPING. Omg, I just love love grocery shopping. Especially with a list so I know how much to get and what to get. Team with Raj and Elvin. Ran around the entire cold storage. Then we put them all back. All the cheats and sly smiles.

Friday, Dinner with the gang head of Hougang and the head of 4 GRCs, Winston and Jianxiong. Curry feast. JX treated us drinks and fries, lol. Then to celebrate Zul’s birthday. It was more like going around and talking to people.


Seeing Raj in lectures in Year 1, I wonderedwhat it would be like to be friends with him. I’d confirm laugh without stopping. Now that we are going-home buddies, I did laugh and I spilled how I felt about everything. We sang Jay Chou songs on the bus rides home. We went home together for five days this week! :) For three days, he wanted to go toilet or to buy milk. Now he would always take the loop bus with me if there’s time. On Thursday, we had too much to talk about so I didn’t get down at my stop and went all the way back to his bus stop and took another bus back, hahaha.

I don’t even want to think about the end of Year 2. I don’t want to. I don’t want to.

He Kangling, I am worried about you. Really really really worried. Talk to you after everything is done.


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