There is no use talking to a person that recently got out of a big relationship.

When I say big I mean one that was important in their lives that may have changed their life in one way or another. When I say recently it doesn’t necessarily mean ‘time’ wise. A relationship could have ended years ago but if they’re still holding on to it then it’s too early for them to be in another relationship. Whether that person believes it or not, they need time. You don’t want to be known as the rebound. Even if it’s the first time they finally gave you a chance it might just because they’re lonely. You don’t want them to want you because they’re desperate, they should want you because they like you for you. If you ever try to start something with someone who’s still caught up in their past, it will just bring problems to your future no matter how many times you try to dodge it. You can tell when someone looks in your eyes and sees someone else. Maybe it will work out between you two, the timing is just wrong.

I know it has been a year and more but I think I’ve only moved on like, 55%? I’ve only just passed the halfway mark. I can’t let go exactly. I can’t look into his eyes. I always pretend I don’t see him. I say all the worst things possible about him after we walk pass each other. I can’t stand knowing anything about him. I can’t stay calm when I have friends looking at his Facebook to see what he looks like. I’d be like, “Don’t show me anything and don’t say anything.”

I’d like it if a friend saw him and not tell me anything. Make up some excuse to leave so I don’t have to see him. I can’t stand the sight of him and I get all tensed.

I’m still affected by his presence. I can’t go up to him and be normal. I’d either look away or roll my eyes.

Ah, sucks to be at the losing end. He’s 10000000000000000 feet away and I’m here.


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