Monday, went to do Group Dynamics with Liting at her house! Really productive. Caught Breaking Dawn Part 1 on the big screen! I kept laughing because I was preparing for the gore part and Liting followed. Had snow ice and a long chat :)

Tuesday, group dynamics went really well. Was Santa for that day. The smiles on my classmates’ face when they said “Thank you.” Something I’d keep forever. Ah, I should have brought my camera and when they saw the things I did for them, SNAP.

Met Raj at the piano. We went to Vivo. Two poor people dining in King Louis and ordered a banquet that serves 2 to 3 people. It was all meat. Fish meat, chicken meat, pig meat, potatoes and vegetables. We looked like two dejected people but we are not. Dropped a chicken and we started laughing. Started playing “Who would you pick” game. Stupid game. Obviously,we couldn’t finish it all. Maybe we should have gone Sakae Sushi.

Went to the boardwalk. Talked while putting our faces on the railings. Suddenly, the railings lit up. Spoiled mood, lol. It was calming, just looking at the sea. Scenery was amazing. On the left side was Resorts World and the right was VivoCity. All the lights. Stuck our feet out of the railings. Laid down and just looked at the stars. Walked home from Vivo.

Wednesday. Glenn treated me carrot cake in the morning. Woo. Counselling was alright too, I guess. Library movie with Kangling and Glenn.

Almost Famous with Mandy, Raj and Javis. Dropped cheese on Javis’ bag. Threw popcorn at Raj. Mandy and I melted whenever Alien Huang became soooooooooo shy :)

Had satay for dinner until 10 plus. Everywhere was closing. Walked home with Raj from Tiong. Omg, being with Raj just means walking from everywhere to everywhere. Another nice talk.

Today, Happy birthday, Vincent Tan. See you later :)


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