Ah, an update.

So on Thursday, went to find Vincent in school with Mandy. Clementi mall to borrow books (I borrowed 3) and window art. We are going to slap it on Javis’ window or something. The ’emergencies’ made the entire thing more memorable :) To Mandy’s house to get her cardigan. Tiong Bahru park to talk about serious stuff. Cineleisure to catch a movie! It was supposedly the movie, 50/50, but Vincent and Raj were late. New Year’s Eve was next on the list. Missed a few minutes but it was still great. Had to take a cab home. Had a nice chat with the we-thought-he-was-grouchy cab uncle.

Today, tons of Gossip Girl. So exciting. Then it was a mad rush to Orchard in the heavy rain. Thank you, Junze for getting the umbrella to pick me up from some ulu bus stop. Wanted to watch New Year’s Eve but we were too late so ended up watching 50/50. Anna Kendrix is beautiful. Mandy’s boyfriend is amazing. I wouldn’t mind watching it again :) Came home early because I had to pack!

I’m going to Turi Beach tomorrow! I was there 6 months ago :) Refer to this post here. Well, it’s just for three days and I am sorry if it comes as a surprise toyou because I didn’t say it earlier but didn’t want to make such a big deal out of it. Not that it is.

A day with no internet. Just relaxing and taking pictures. I am glad my family does this at least once a year.


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