Pretty Friday

I spent my pretty Friday with the best people in the universe. Party World with Kangling, Mandy and Jingshan! WOO.

The shock of no student price on Friday :( Hot chocolate. Mandy being mean to Lollipop and Feirenheit LOL. Kangling’s Hebe song. Jingshan going crazy at high songs. Mandy spamming SHE songs, in the end, we could only play half of every song. So after 1 hour and 40 minutes, we still had 5 pages of songs. The speed skipping to reach Taylor Swift’s Teardrops on my Guitar. Walked around and I had a HUGE urge to buy a $18 file made by the people in Cambodia. But I already have a file and it only costs $4, waterproof and it is from Artbox. But it’s so beautifully made :( If it’s 1.80 I’d buy it straight away. Or if I get $80 a day, I’d get it for 18 bucks without thinking. Walked 5000 feet to find the POSB machine.

Crowded 61. Funny PDA watching.

Hi Club’s BBQ! Hotdogs. Satay. I didn’t have a stingray :( I AM SO SAD but I am over it. Walking around the field with Mandy, we saw bats :( Hula-hoops with Kangling and Bryan. Chat with Lionel. Tiny chat with Huiying. Dirty Siewhuey wanting to give me a hug. Making mango juice with Kangling and Javis. Lionel owes me satay. Hema is Pocahontas and Raj is John Smith :) Jiahui treating me like maid, #&*@&#*@(. Sihui giving me winks, that pervert. I got a stick in the end. I was rude to Kenji once again LOL. Guilty now :( Hi Club’s group photo! Javis’ “Life is like a …” notes. I got “Life is like a hula hoop”. Swings with Kangling. Screaming at Raj when he was waiting for me while I was waiting for him. Talk with Xinying and Darren. Bus ride home with Raj.

Yep, that’s all for my pretty Friday. I love Fridays :) I love every day of the week actually.


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