Taken at the Lee Clan lunch.

She got into Gan Eng Seng, same school as my brother. In the past I would throw a huge fit but of course, I have an 18 year old mind now.

She was born in January, a day before my brother.  I actually cried when she came out because I didn’t want to be the only person in my family to be born in October and their birthdays are just beside each other. I remembered my exact words:

“I don’t care, Demi will have another birthday in October.”

Demanding but I was the oldest! It’s sad when you have to celebrate your birthday by yourself when your siblings can celebrate it together. It’s like being left out.

My relationship with my siblings are getting better :) Well, especially with Demi. I’m treating her better. As for Donovan, we are drifting apart in terms of heart to heart talks but we stick to each other like glue in social settings. He is a childish 16 to me but I love him all the same.

I always say the most hurting words when I am in a bad mood. I’ve made them cry just by purely words. Okay, in the past. I am much better now.

I dedicate my last post of year 2011 to Donovan and Demi. They won’t read this but if they found out, at least they know I regret my actions. Actually, they do know but I didn’t make it very obvious. I’m not hiding my concern for them. We know each other care.

I’ll have a better year with the both of them.

Have a great New Year, everybody :)


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