Last week of the year.

Happy New Year’s eve!

Monday, went to a prize giving lunch for Demi because she scored good grades throughout her primary school life. A scholarship from the Lee and Teochew clan. I also finished reading Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks there. I would have cried if I was at home alone :(

Then it was a mad rush to meet Agnes at 4pm. It’s been 500 years since we have met up with Mengfung! I missed her :) She didn’t change one bit. Went to DTF to wait for Jeanine before we had XLBs.



16 xiao long baos all together. I am a professional at picking up XLBs. I’ve never broke one, yet.

And we went to watch Sherlock Holmes. What an awesome movie. My last movie of the year and I didn’t regret it. It’s a lot funnier than the first one and it might be better. I love the ending :)

Took the Mrt back with Agnes :)

Tuesday, it was an entire day with my groupmates. Individual counselling with Jianhe and Jianxiong in the morning was damn funny. Jianxiong is a crap counsellor. Because there is no video taking, he treats it like crap and my issue is flying out of hand. I will never be healed. Liting and Kangling came for the group work :) Hee hee. Laughed a lot ‘cos Kangling kept pushing her soulmate to me.

Macs with Kangling. We have this ability to not move for like 4 hours and more whenever we are together.

Wednesday, party world with Raj. 3 hours and we actually made it to the English songs!!! We couldn’t read the Chinese lyrics LOL. He has finally decided Faye from F.I.R is his true eye candy. He went to the staff toilet. Went to find my Korean seaweed after that. It’s not the one I wanted. Raj got bread. Went to our usual spot at the boardwalk. It started raining and we just sat there with an umbrella which looked damn loser-ish. Update on our lives and then we moved on to play Shoot Shag Marry. We actually rolled on the floor laughing! We were lying down, you see. Funniest game ever. Raj wanted to leave at 6.30 but we laughed until 7.

I left later because I was looking for The Hunger Games.

Went home and father drove me to the East. 3 day 2 night stay with my dear ahma because aunt and uncle were overseas :)

Thursday, so happy to finally spend time with my grandmother :) Taught me how to make her milo (omg, not that I don’t know how to make instant milo, she adds something else okay!). I have the best breakfast and lunch whenever I am living with her. She is so cute, omg. She makes me laugh :)

Surprise surprise. Clarissa the pretty came up to my ah ma’s house!!! If only my home was like that. I’d invite the world but my mom has this OCD thing. We talked and shared :) We finally fulfilled it! We always wanted to meet up whenever I am in the East but we were always doing something else. I like books too :D


Took tons of photos hahahahaha, that’s how we are! Time was spent quickly with her :) She left at dinner time. Best dinner again, along with my father, brother and sister.

Was invited to a Leo Club party that night. I’m sorry I couldn’t go but I wouldn’t spend my night anywhere else :) Ahma helped me blow dry my hair!!! When she did that I felt all tingly inside! Hee hee. I should have got her to blow dry my hair when I came out of the toilet so it will take longer. (I’m not some rich brat, I just like it when she ties my hair, dries my hair and combs it.) I’d rather she do it than anybody else. I love it.

Gossip Girl until 1am while ahma went to sleep :)

Friday, I made the milo! Went to help Ahma around the house. I came to make her work less too. Either that or I would be lazing around which is so not productive after I rejected Glenn’s do-work-together thing :( Had a 5pm dinner because Ahma wants me to go home before it turns dark. I only reached home at 8 because I didn’t want to leave her, lol.

I’d stay over anytime whenever my relatives are not at home. I like being with my grandmother only :)


2 thoughts on “Last week of the year.

  1. Next time you stay over again be sure to let me know!! Maybe shall eat there this time cause your ahma’s face when I told her I couldn’t stay made me feel quite :/

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