I’m not going to talk about open house. That will be for another post.

I took the wrong bus. Wanted to go to Yishun but I ended up at Marina Square. I was so damn tired and hungry and I just wanted to get to my grandmother’s house and eat but I had to end up at the other end of the red line. Called my father thinking he could pick me up but he was already near Yishun. I was so angry, most probably at myself, that I was on the verge of tears. They didn’t flow okay. Just stuck at the eyes.

Called Kangling (I wasn’t expecting her to comfort me. I just wanted to know why the bus went to Marine Square) and she talked to me all the way until I got onto a bus home. My tears just dried up when we started talking because she just kept laughing at me, omg. After awhile, I laughed too. Along with many jokes we made. I just kept laughing all the way from Marina square and half of the bus journey :)

Kangling has this weird laugh. It’s so creepy when you hear it over the phone. It’s like some hamster who has difficulty breathing and is hic-cupping at the same time. Then after awhile, it mutated to some kind of deep laugh. Omgggggggggg. She is so creepy.

I love you, Kangling. EVEN THOUGH WHEN YOU LAUGH AT ALL MY TROUBLES WHEN YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO COMFORT ME. But you are doing it right. Just what I needed. You made the problem seem dumb and something I’d laugh at in the future. It really was dumb but I made a huge fuss out of it.

I bought 2 jelly to cheer myself up :) Jelly makes me happy. I will never feel tired of eating jelly. A friend called me the Jelly Queen. Therefore, I will uphold that “Jelly Queen” title. I love Jelly. Kangling = Jelly. I will eat her soon.

Yong bu fen li.


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