I did something stupid, and it is not like me and I just made a fool of myself. I did not get the reaction I wanted.

But I guess that is better than not doing anything and just wondering. My favourite quote just keeps me from regret in the future :)

At least I got my answer :) How about you? Ever felt like “Does he even want to talk to me?” “Does he know I exist?” “Is she talking behind my back?” etc. Well, if you want the answer just ask for it! It’s not going to come to you if you just wait! If it does, who knows how long you might have to wait for it!

So I did something and I got my answer? Crushes never last but I hate that it has no trust. Why am I even scared of a reaction from someone who knows of my existence but is comparable to an ant. I can’t trust that person to make me happy.

Thus, this is reinforced, “Crushes are dumb.” Stupid emotions resulting from an almost stranger.

But ah, crushes just adds up and downs in your life. It’s what makes life interesting, isn’t it? :)


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