My mood is not pretty now. Omg why why why.


Dinner with Zul. Had to rush to meet Glenn. Kfc, missed the bus. Walked to Queensway library. With Glenn, it’s like walking everywhere. HE MADE ME USE MY FEET A LOT. And it is all those places where birds won’t even lay eggs on their trees. Called Raj to meet us at Queensway Shopping Center. Kfc then Xin wang.


20% mango 80% water. Ew. Then Raj and I fought for the last pieces of mango. He is such a woman! Took the bus with Raj and this time he stopped at my stop! :)


I’ll update this space after I remembered what happened here.


Sneaked into a classroom for project meeting. Secret meeting, Kangling and I had black chicken rice. Piano with Raj then we went to save Glenn, lol. Bus 74 and we missed our stop -_- Went to Raj’s bus stop, bought cheesecake that we can’t finish. Raj came to my bus stop again and we talked about how we grew up,our parents. SO MUCH SIMILARITIES.


When Harry met Sally. Team J said hi :) Hi Club. It is stressing me. Instant noodles with Raj, Javis and Alasdair. I owe Raj $2. Then Javis gave me a present. THE MOST WEIRDEST PRESENT I HAVE EVER RECEIEVED. OMG. I CAN’T BELIEVE HE TOOK THE TIME TO DO THAT. 1 HOUR? It’s a collage of me being surrounded by guys omg. “You all are supposed to be together.” I AM GOING TO MAKE A WEDDING PHOTO FOR HIM. Raj and I talked about our class this time :)


Retail therapy with Yaxun! Headed to Bugis after school! Walked like mad with our laptops. Laptops are an obstacle to shopping.

We were trying to channel the ah lian look. Didn’t work out because we just had our fringes cover one eye, hahaha. We didn’t take it from a high angle LOL.


Sexy Yaxun, HAHAHA.

Heart to heart talk at Mac’ until 10(?).

2 tops, 1 checkered shirt, 2 belts, 3 bracelets, 1 Alexandra Potter novel. Favourite author. I think I am going British on CNY. The two tops both have British flags on them, hahaha.

Tiring but I felt okay. Well, I wasn’t sad so I wasn’t sure what the therapy was for but I loved it!

Date with Yaxun :)


Retail therapy round 2! With Mandy this time. Woo, fulfilled one thing we wanted to do, Go to flea.

Scape was like a mini Ngee Ann. Felicia and Jeanette, tote bags and a henna on my wrist.

Walked to H&M with Mandy and Amanda Jane! HO HO HO. It feels more expensive after shopping at flea and Bugis. Then to Somerset. where something happened but Mandy doesn’t want to be reminded of it LOL. Met up with Liner, Vincent, Bingxian and Weiboon!

Taken by Juncheng!

With these two pretty girls since the afternoon :)


Liner and I fought like mad people for a photo. LOL. WEIBOON CALLED IT PHOTO RACIST HAHAHAHAH. I think.

Took a train back with Vincent Kang!

My mood wasn’t the best that day. Firstly, one of my contacts was upside down in my eyes. It was the main source of irritation for the entire day. Then I had this thing to tell Mandy but I can’t say it when we were shopping because it was too personal. My mother’s side of the family were waiting for me to cut the cake at Yishun. But I can’t leave without saying it!!! So yeah, if these things weren’t in the picture, I’d be more happier :)

Sorry Amanda and Mandy!

A cardigan, blue shoes, and rubberbands from H&M. Macbook mirror, 2 tote bags, a henna and manicure from flea! I owe Mandy $24.

I finally understood why girls love shopping. I am not going to fall into that death trap! It just feels nice to spend without thinking sometimes. But I always think when I am spending so I wasn’t really a big fan of it. Since it’s therapy, my mind was a blank.


Happy birthday, Serena :)








The lighting there was beautiful. I can’t accept that I am going to be 19 this year. So Serena and I hatched up a plan for my birthday. I’m going to sleep the day away. Like my birthday never happened and I am going to be 18 forever. My favourite age was 14, though.

I’m filled with negativity now. I just said yes to accompany Glenn to get something and Hi Club had to pop up with something. And I am living like I have no assignments.

I’m going to make this work.


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