Part of me is excited about internship. The other part is just depressed. 6 months. A lot of things can happen. People will change due to the circumstances. What if I won’t be like how I am now after my internship. What if my friends aren’t the same anymore. I can get close to Raj after 6 months, what if we end up like strangers.

What if I become this job person and not a student-person anymore.

I don’t even know if I want to do criminal psychology because it is interesting or because Kangling wants it ‘cos frankly, I am freaking scared of criminals.

Raj, Glenn and I w ere talking about internship. How we are not going to be together anymore. My next one year, I will not have lectures at the LT because there will only be 40 of us. Can I ever get to show public display of affection to Jasmine anymore? Fighting with Hema. Goingto school with Auni.

Talking about other classes just made me think about my own class. What will I do without T04 for the next 6 months?

I don’t mind of this sem goes on forever. Assignment stresses me but at least I am happy where I am. As much as I want assignments to be over, I dread that this sem is ending. Dread dread dread.


2 thoughts on “Depressed.

  1. Y’all can always arrange to meet. =) If there’s a will, there’ll be a way. =) Not being able to see each other every day might just bring y’all closer.

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