Wanted to type week __ but it’s like a reminder how the end is near.


Accompanied Glenn to get Manda’s present. He asked, okay, but in his mind it is probably, “Denise said she wanted to go with me.” Omg, his brain is weird. Holland V to get her a polaroid :) We stood there for 1/2 an hour and he bought an instax instead. And woah, to wrap her present we took a train all the way to Vivocity. AND WE SAW JAY CHOU. I DIDN’T SEE BUT I HEARD HIS VOICE BUT GLENN SAW HIM BECAUSE HE WAS A BIT TALLER THAN I AM. Finding the wrapper was tough too. Glenn has a water mind, he can’t make a decision, hee hee. Then to Bugis to pass the present to Manda’s brother ‘cos he said I can’t let a sick man go to Bugis by himself. Our conversations are like,

Glenn: “So do you want to go Bugis?”
Me: “Huh, I don’t want, my house is just here.”
Glenn: “But I am sick, I don’t know if I can make it there.”
Me: “Okay okay, go.”

Me: “You owe me your life.”
Glenn: “Omg what, is you say you want to go one!”
Me: “Is you ask me come one leh!”
Glenn: “Okay lor then you go you go. I go myself.”
Me: “Omg, you forever guilt tripping me.”


Both of us took 145 home, woo.


Stayed back and had sister time with Kangling and Winston. Ever since the second half of sem started, it’s like I never saw Winston :( Then he told us we can have sister time that day, woo. Winton went around scaring people with mealworms. Waited for Raj to finish counselling and the 4 of us had a private ktv session in the end. We stayed at the Attic until 11 because the guards didn’t come to lock the Attic.

Bus ride home with Raj again. Not long because it was almost 12.


Had the Javis thing. I shall start calling it the Javis thing. Went to find Glenn with Raj after that to do work. Again, I was tortured by Glenn’s water mind. Settled at the club rooms and Winston joined us. We really tried to do work but the drums were getting on all of our nerves. Bus ride home with Raj and we stopped at our stop. Bought jelly! And we talked until 11 plus!


Hi Club. Stress stress stress but I am not doing anything about it :( Kangling and I had a long long talk with Huiqi about internship. It was a really long talk.  We walked down slowly and decide to talk the same bus together, 184. I stopped at the bus entrance because the ride home from Clementi would be long, I saw 74 and decided to just take that. RAJ WAS ON IT, OMG. We went and bought jelly again :) Then something happened and we ended up laughing and our hearts beating like crazy. We ended it at 11 plus because it’s too scary, hahahaha.


Was all ready to go to Jayne’s birthday thing, Kangling and I were the surprise :) But I misplaced (Javis said “lost” is a very sad word) my ezlink card at the bus stop. Mood went rock bottom. Raj and Winston couldn’t find it back in school, thank you two :) Got everything done for Jayne’s birthday before going back to Ngee Ann. My dear Kangling lent me two adult ezlink cards, love you. Reached back about 9 and met Raj half way. We said we will go eat good food because our moods are really low.

Decided to go back to the guard house to ask for the last time. The guard took my ezlink card out and I let out a scream LOL. WOO. MY MOOD WENT UP TO 100 but Raj’s was still kind of low so my mood sort of decreased after that.

Raj: “How does it feel to use your own ezlink card?”
Me: “Great!”


Went to Clementi mall and all the restaurants rejected us because it was about 9.30. Went to Swenson’s because it was our last choice.  Talked until 11 and we took 166 back. Went to his house’s bus stop and I took the last bus back. Raj told me something which makes him very transparent to me now.


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