If hearts were unbreakable, I could just tell you where I stand.

Isn’t it sad how some people just don’t dare to tell people that they care because they are afraid of the response they might get. They are afraid that the other person might not “rank” them similarly. You wouldn’t like it if you treat someone as a best friend while he/she only treats you like a friend.

People are afraid to show 100% care because that person might not give the 100% care back. Worse is that they show 100% care and hide it from the person.

That person might die not knowing that anyone bothers because if this “hidden lookout”. I think that’s sad.

But still, I’m afraid to. If hearts don’t break, I’d tell that person everything. Because I am so sure that I am willing to give 100% but that person will just give 10% back.

I am still at war with myself. Sometimes I want to just give 0%. It fluctuates.


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