It’s the day I know Trybe was taken away from me. I knew it before the lecturers told me because I got second hand information. I took it like it was nothing and felt totally fine. Studied ’till about 4 or 5 when Mr Jonathan told me to call him. I have to act “surprised”. Expressed fake anger because I can’t just “accept” it right away. I knew I wasn’t actually angry then. I’m got reposted to Ang Mo Kio FSC.

Continued to study for 5 minutes until my tears just started flowing. This is unexpected. I usually know when I’m about to cry. I tried to stop it but I can’t. Pretended nothing was happening until Kangling discovered I was crying then I just burst into tears.

The anger, resentment, sadness, everything, just came crashing. Got my dream place only to know it’s not mine anymore a few days later. Thank you to all who cared :’) Every message means so so so so so much to me.

Yaxun and Kangling brought me out for ice-cream after that :) Had lava cake at Island Creamery.

Got home and this was waiting for me:



I really would like to thank my mom, but I just found out she threw away a huge precious book I bought in Sec 1. I wrote things inside and 3/4 of the book wasn’t even used. Zzz. Bye.


2 thoughts on “:’)

  1. Hehe hello fellow Hunger Games Trilogy friend :D Can’t wait for my exams to be over so that I can read it hehe :)
    GOOD LUCK FOR EXAMS! :D (not sure if you have any papers though :s)

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