I miss dance.

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A picture I took from Shawn Tok’s blog 3 years ago, hahaha.

I miss dancing. I miss the work outs. I miss learning new steps. I miss when all of us managed to synchronize ourselves. I miss the fact that we were taught morals instead of how to dance perfectly. We may not all be the best of friends but we are united in a sense. I miss the many dance shirts in many colours.

I wasn’t thinking about dance all the time. I started thinking about it when I found out Benedict, that guy from T03, used to be in Nanhua’s dance group. TANGLIN ALWAYS WENT TO NAN HUA FOR MASS DANCE BECAUSE WE HAVE THE SAME INSTRUCTOR (World’s best instructor, to me). Which means we know almost the same dances. We played blow-wind-blow, nanhua, cresent girls, tanglin, zhong zhen, etc all together. We had Christmas exchange that one year. Omg, we were dancing together even before we knew each other.

NOW WE ARE IN THE SAME COURSE. So scary :( And weirdly cool at the same time.


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