Kangling is like a daisy to me :) … Wanted to start with some poetic line but that’s all I can come up with, hee hee.

Met her at 8pm one night. Had Gongcha (Earl grey milk tea with pudding, 0% sugar), fried rice and tomyam soup :) I haven’t actually talked talked to her until then ‘cos she kept hanging out with her boyfriend in Fajar Mac ;)

To Kangling,

The forever face, it’s like when you take a photo with your boyfriend, can see whether you guys will last super long or not. It’s okay. I think the forever face can mutate. We go do plastic surgery, okay? After graduation we go Korea. Like what Mandy did when she was primary 3.

Love, Denise.

“I like you calling me ugly mushroom head. I like you hitting me 800 times a day. I like the voice you have when you read English. I like you being drunk and me carrying you back home. I like that you sleep in class but you are very serious when writing a report. I like you liking Pink Panther like me and you know who his best friend is. I like you. Even though you’re obviously not the type of girl I would like, but I just like you.” —Lin Dalang.

I just finished Hi, My sweetheart for the second time now. So sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet.


2 thoughts on “Daisies.

  1. Your forever face logic still scares me…I believe that maybe if the right one comes along, the forever face will surface HAHAHA. If not, ask me along thanks…

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