I think this was my worst fainting episode yet.

I walking down the staircase and sort of tripped. I’m such a pro to regain my balance in the middle of the stairs. Sharp pain at my foot but it got better after awhile. Then the usual fainting symptoms start to set it. I went and got onto the bus whilst all of it was happening, omg. Wrong move because it was so freaking crowded and I had nowhere to sit.

So I lost my sense of hearing at the right ear first. All the noise from the bus just went into my left ear. It was so damn noisy. At least, I thought it was. Everything started to become very very bright and it all turned to white. I couldn’t see my phone but I had to tell Raj I will be kind of late. I messaged without looking at my phone because I couldn’t see anything! Then after the loss of vision, I left my pulse. It was so freaking slow I was so sure it might stop any second. My mind was a mess- “Should I call my father to pick me up?” “I can’t die now, I have so many things to do.”. I lost my sense of touch and then my thoughts. I lost everything for a few seconds. I don’t know if I fainted and got myself up or whatever because I couldn’t feel/hear/see anything.

Luckily, my vision came back a little at the Harboufront bus stop. Walked down and accidentally hit someone while I sat down. All senses came back to me one by one.

I wouldn’t mind if everything came at one shot. To mentally know I am losing my senses but I can’t do anything about it drove me crazy. It went on about 5-7 minutes. Left like my whole life. It was so torturing.

I’ll take care of myself better.


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