1st week of the holidays!

It doesn’t feel like one because of internship stuff, #@*&U#*@(&#@(#(@


Went to Vincent’s house. Wanted to read Creepypasta.com there because I was too much of a coward to read it by myself but I read it through my phone on the 1 hour bus ride there, hahahahaha. Played with all the brain teasers in his house (he autistic ball drove me crazy). Denise ah, Denise, you are born smart. Okay, he taught me all the tricks but I did it with my hands. Had a loooooooooooooooooong talk :D



Zoo day with Kangling, Mandy, Jingshan and Jonathan!

Hee hee. It was a surprise for Mandy because Jon remembered Mandy wanted to “see white tigers in the zoo”. They blindfolded her but the surprise was cut short because of the friendly staff at the zoo. Jingshan and I were stalking American guys for fun. Woo! We were full of energy! It slowly died because we were too high. The rest of the pictures, 500 plus of them, are in Facebook! I wanted to do a long post for this day but I have tons of photos to resize and edit, I am feeling lazy now :( :( :(


Lunch with Nicholas. HE TREAT ME CHICKEN RICE MAN LOL. Thank you! Again, he should totally cut his fringe. Used to cover one eye now both eyes. Then we went to Ice-cream Frenzy to have dessert because he wants to fill up his card.. THERE WAS SEASALT ICE-CREAM. But I still prefer Hokkaido’s one because there are nuts in this one. Destroys the taste, I think. Had a long talk with him :)

Met Raj to eat at Sakae Sushi in Harboufront in the evening. My girlfriend is so stupid, lol. Then, we went to buy 3 packets of Marigold jelly and brought it to Sentosa! It was a spontaneous decision. He wore our wedding ring. Laid down and looked at the stars and guessed images of clouds. Talked until 11pm :) Raj then started scaring me with ghost stories.. So I splashed him with water. Ghost stories at 11 plus. Really?!?! Sent him home ‘cos I’m a nice boyfriend :)

Did I mention? We caught fireworks just when we stepped into the beach because of Songs in the Sea. So lucky!


Meeting in school with the HMS Ambassadors! Oh wait, now we are, HMS Outreach Team! I’m really excited about the camp! :) Although it will take away one entire week but it will all be worth it! Funny to see them bickering. Rina, Amanda and I were in our own worlds, hahahaha. Had lunch with Jacqueline, Amanda, Phyllis, Basil and Joseph! Jo said I eat like a man :( Took the train to Bugis with Jac!

To meet my pretty Mandy. Went to do our nails at Milly’s!


Feeling so proud of my nails. First time having purple on my hands and it looks so princess-y :) Saw Liting! After a bit of walking around, I saw the pink couple, Michelle and Markus, hee hee. “I am so shy!” Bought a new iphone cover! It’s cream coloured, persuaded by Mandy. Bloody elegant. I love it. Bought a grey dress and a light blue shirt!

Went to take neoprints but it photoshopped our eyes again. So little time but so much left to say. High tea on Monday ;)


Lunch with my dear Kaiyan.

Wanted to just spend the whole day with Running Man. I’m at episode 13 now! I really did. Sat at the same spot until like 5 plus. I have no idea why I went onto Facebook and Glenn fb messaged me. He called me a loser for being alone on a Friday night :'( Er, he would be too if I didn’t agree to come out. Went to Alexandra Park. Took pictures with his dslr while he ran. Took a bunch of meaningless shots.

Sat at a weird water body because Glenn wanted to wash his legs.. In public, ew. Went to search for his internship location. The building was totally quiet. I felt like I was in Running Man!!! Glenn was wearing exercise clothes too so the feeling was stronger :D Tough decision to eat Laska or hotdogs. Went to Ikea first. Hotdogs, ice-cream and a new berry drink! We were still hungry so headed to Queensway for Katong laksa.

I regretted asking Glenn to wait for my bus. He is a butt.

I have more amazing weeks to come. First, I have to clear my actual internship interview!


2 thoughts on “1st week of the holidays!

    1. ‘cos the first thing I saw on both of you was pink, lol. Ah, Mich gets it! Lol. Everytime I see the both of you, I will go “I’m so shy” HAHAHAHA.

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