Secret Garden.

Yoon seul: “Haven’t you ever wanted to die because of love?”

Oska: “I haven’t.”

Yoon seul: “I’ll fill you in. Not being able to eat or sleep are the basics. You can’t understand how you get from being in love to strangers. You can’t tell anyone in case they speak ill of that person so, you cry alone. It’s all over, but all you have are memories of being in love. Everyday, you remind yourself to forget. It’s like being rejected 365 days a year. But, what hurts the most is that the other person doesn’t think of you. It’s only me. That person has forgotten all about me and is happy. I want to die but I can’t, because I won’t ever be able to see him again. That’s how it feels to separate from someone.”

Why does it still haunt me, even after almost two years.

Please watch Secret Garden if you haven’t :)


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