Kim Juwon.

I am going to marry a Kim Juwon! Preferably with Hyunbin’s face. He is as perfect as all Korean male leads are. He makes me want to be claustrophobic too. He will never fall for me, though, because I’m not exactly like Gil Raim. I’ve never seen anyone so perfect!!!

I’ll most probably be in love with him for a long while now :) Until I watch like, Heartstrings and fall for Yonghwa or City Hunter and fall for Lee Minho.

Getting chased by Kim Juwon must be a miracle. Saranghanda, Kim Juwon.

I cried so much at the last few episodes. I will miss Secret Garden! Kim Juwon and Gil Raim forever! :D

Kim suhanmoo keobugiwa durumi samcheongabja Dong Bang Sak Chichigapo Sarisarisaenta Woriwori Saepeurika Moodoosella gureumi heorikaein dambyeorak seosaengwonae goyangyi badookineun Doldolri.


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