With Feb 29th in it, the last day of a month and the start of a new month, it was a pretty nice week!

Random photo.

Because I failed to upload it into my com that time. It was the Ikea ice-cream day with Glenn last week!


Social etiquette day. Teo Cer Lee was our trainer. Omg, Miss Singapore, sister of a MP, actress at mediacorp. She is so amazing. Sherlynn went crazy over the fact that she knows Elvin Ng, haha. Great 9am-5pm with a woman like her. We learnt a lot of things and she engaged us in a way that most of us would rather stay and ask for advice than leave. So glad to meet her :)

After the class, Liting, Sherlynn, Kimberly and I went for High Tea; Delifrance at Jelita. My mind was just set for high tea that day.








For some reason, pictures with Kimberly always turn out blur :(

The baked potato was definitely worth the money. 6 to 7 dollars. Worth every cent. I asked for more bacon bits and my whole plate was filled with it! I was forbidden to eat the seafood one so I settled for chicken. Amazing. The 4 of us then talked and talked :) We saw Andre Chichak from The Noose! Hahaha, Alaric Tay! So anyway, we talked until we forgot about the time. When we checked our phones, it was already 8.30! Took the bus back with Kimberly. One of the best High teas I had :)


I was with Kim Juwon, I think. Hee hee. Couldn’t go out because Father and I wanted to search for my intern place but I found it all by myself through my phone so we didn’t do it. Had my favourite chicken rice for dinner :)


Started my day with Korean bbq! We wanted to meet at 11 but I said to meet at 12.30 or something, hahaha. I had to watch Kim Juwon for awhile! But unfortunately, it extended to 1 episode = late. At 11, I was still rotting on the bed looking at him.





My wife cooking for me. Kidding, we cooked our own. She just turns the whole foil black. IT WAS THE BEST KOREAN BUFFET EVER. OMG. AT ONLY $12. SERIOUSLY. I THINK THE KOREAN BOSS IS LOSING MONEY. SUCH GOOD MEAT (UNLIMITED) FOR THAT PRICE. I should just marry the boss but he is like 40+. I love love love the vegetables, the pork strips, the chicken, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. What Ladyironchef recommends never fails.

Then to AMK FCS for my interview. Which was redundant because they didn’t know why an interview was needed. I just took a tour of the place. A long ride to Sher’s place.


Click to enlarge so you can see the most perfect class :)

I want to kill Glenn. I have so little photos because he is so lazy to upload, &#@*(&#*@(&#*@&#*@(. What a butt.

This will be a preview :) I want to make a huge post for our T04’s class bbq. Almost full attendance! So Glenn, please.

Stayed over at Sher’s with Liting, Kimberly and Winston. Went to look at my phone and gf called 7 times, hahahahahha. We played texas poker, level _ pigs and 2 truths 1 lie under the stars in our wet clothes. I thought I was going to die of hypothermia, really. Out in the cold until about 5am and we went into her house. Slept at about 6 plus until 10am.


Rushed to have Mac’ breakfast but we failed. Had mac lunch instead. No appetite for fast food. Then Liting and I went for the IMH briefing. Wanted to go out with my gf (Raj) after that but I was so physically drained I wanted to die. Partly to see Kim Juwon, I think. So I went home instead and slept for a few solid hours. Life is good.


Spent the entire day with Kim Juwon! Just enough time for me to finish the entire series and cried until my eyes swell. I love love love love love Secret Garden. Fantasy but it’s like a fairytale. If it’s too cliché, why do you watch Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella after you watched Snow White? It’s because this type of shows is what we like! Too much of real life is bad; this series makes you believe in magic :)

I was to spent this day at home because gf forgot he had a meeting with me but I was happy to!


IMH day! I had a really interesting experience and I want to continue to volunteer there! Signed a form to not say anything about the things that happened in there so… Zip!

To Nex with Liting and Yeewei!



Some Jap restaurant and we ordered Sake! Benefits of being 18! Hee hee. Ordered lots of food. I spent like 25 alone :( Spending money like flushing the toilet bowl. Talked and talked and talked. I love talking parts of a day! Yeewei and I then took the mrt together :)


West Mall with Mandy, Kangling and Huiqi! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. It was a really fun day :) Caught Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. We all signed up for membership at Eng Wah for free. Had spicy lunch and damn funny topics. Then to Udders.





Talked and fought a lot there. Go out again!

That concludes my pretty week!

Omg, wordpress changed the blog posting font to Arial. It looks so much neater. I love Arial to type when it’s not for essays. This explains the huge amount of text. Enjoy :)

p/s I’ll have something scheduled for next week because I will be away for H.O.T camp (excited!!!!!!!!). It will have a lot of my face LOL. Look forward to it :)


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