HI HI. I’M BACK FROM CAMP. FROM EVERYTHING! So fast and it’s already the end of the week. So the post I said I wanted to put up, I was too busy (and probably lazy) to do it, hahahaha. Sorry! It’s all my face because I discovered this new app-

Photobucket Photobucket

Photobucket Photobucket

Used it like mad. Okay, not really, because I don’t know what to do in that period of time, hahaha.

Enough of my 18 year old face. Here’s a pretty one!



Had to send these photos to Joseph because of a game before the camp. He immediately laughed at it, omg. I told him my aunt said look like a frog when I was young and he started calling me frog. Well, HE IS A PIG. Everybody kept laughing at my picture :( My eyes are half my face, hahahaha. And my lips look so nice. Omg, I think my face expanded horizontally?

“Dear 0-1 year old me, what were you thinking in that picture?” Whatever it is, bet it’s in Teochew ‘cos I only knew Teochew then. Now I can’t speak it as well as before. I should have interacted with the elderly when I was 0-1 year old :(

I have so many things to post about. It will all be up later! Serena, Alumni, H.O.T CAMP and my second wedding ceremony with Raj :)


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