‘mazing Monday (Alumni first lesson)

I’m so afraid of losing something I love that I refuse to love anything.
—Jonathan Safran Foer

Went to Serena’s house around the afternoon :) Brought Secret Garden for her to watch = I’m watching it the second time! She reacts the same way I reacted when I watched the series! I love you, Serena :) Left after two episodes because I had to go to Clementi. Then to Dover to meet Mandy, Liner, Kangling and Huiqi.

A train to Raffles City and dinner with everyone who turned up! Next was the amazing race organised by Disheng and Zhixiong! I HAD SO MUCH FUN.
A picture of my group before heading off. We are “Jeng jeng jeng!” Muhaymin came up with the name and the sign for it, hahaha. The messages of where to go next was sent through whatsapp! So cool! I think only our group ran. And we renamed ourselves too. I was “Zihow”, Zihow was “Denise”, Vivian was “Muhaymin” and Muhaymin was “Vivian”! We called each other by those names!

Did plenty of funny things and we ran back to the starting point to end the game. Turns out that wasn’t the ending point. IT WAS AT ANOTHER PLACE. OMG WE COULD HAVE LIKE TOTALLY WON. We were the last to reach the end but we ended up third because of the last game! I had so much during the entire process!!!


I said this so many times and I’m going to say it again, I HAD SO MUCH FUN WITH YOU GUYS! Here’s a secret, I don’t always feel I belonged in Hi-Club but I felt really happy I was a part of them then :) Before this “Alumni first lesson”, I had second thoughts about coming and I signed up only on the last day, lol. I SO DIDN’T REGRET SIGNING UP. THANK YOU DISHENG AND ZHIXIONG.


It’s only after that day I found out I could actually click well with Muhaymin! On one of the days of H.O.T camp, I saw him and I was free so we had a long talk while I walked him to the bus stop and waited for his bus with him!


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