Argh. Because I’m always coming home late, it’s going to be another “yesterday” post. I don’t know how but at this rate, the H.O.T camp post will never be written :( I’ll just clear this first.

Took the new baby out for a ride yesterday. Half the day, I was in buses.

Vivid colours effect.

Posterised effect.


Tilt-shift/miniature effect. DON’T THEY JUST LOOK LIKE TOYS. This is my favourite photo :)

Vivid effect again.

School for IMH meeting then to The Cathay to get my portable charger. Went home and then to Vivo to meet my dear Kangling. We had Carls’ Junior take-away so we can sit at the Sky Garden :) Sent Kangling to the interchange and went to find the wife (Raj). He was with Herman, Benedict and Ashton. Had a chat with Benedict and Ashton while Herman and Raj went crazy with the trolleys, lol. Thanks for the laughter :)

Bus with Raj and Ben. The wife sent me home this time because I “saved” him :)


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