Leaving all the words stuck on my tongue

Uh oh by Junior Doctor.

I’ve never been good with words
Well, at least not the sweet kind
Somehow when she’s around
It’s like I just lose my mind

And I know, I know I should just leave it alone
But I won’t, I won’t, I keep getting in my way
And my friends say I’m crazy
A girl like that would never go for a guy like me

I fell for this song once I heard it on the radio. So sweet :)

Only look at me by Taeyang

Even though I stray from you, don’t you ever stray from me, baby
Even though I forget about you, don’t you forget me, lady
Even though I drink and don’t call
Even if I briefly meet eyes with another girl
Only look at me

What jerk lyrics. Well, it’s only jerk-ish because it’s so selfish and sad to say, I was like that before. Love ends up selfish to that extent, I guess.

What lovely songs that has been making hit reverse after it ends :)


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