Went onto the tracks with Raj last Friday (16th February) then Glenn joined in :) I had to go by 6 because I had to check in to my family’s chalet bungalow. More on that soon.

Today was great too :) Safra and jelly with the wife. Had two free movie tickets and brought him to watch The Hunger Games at Shaw House Lido. We threw popcorn at each other at the end while Taylor Swift’s Safe and Sound was playing in the credits. What a pig. The whole part was decorated by us.

Went to Alumni. I love working with Muhaymin :) Disheng went mad with laughter after I told him about what I was worrying about when Kangling was performing. Kimberly and I kept winking at each other ;)

After that, it was a long walk with Javis at the railway tracks until 11.40+PM, I think. We kept walking up and down. So nice and creepy at the same time. Yeah, the tracks were creepy. Took a cab to Vivo with the wife and walked to his house after that. Took a cab home.


I’ll miss my real wife. Bye bye :)


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