Chalet at Pasir ris and H.O.T bbq!

Since I am so free in intern now.

16th March to 18 March 2012.

Awesome bungalow chalet at Pasir Ris. 3 families living in it :)



I didn’t play much with my camera because I went there super late on Friday. For dinner, we went to Loyang Point or something and had those kind dish-in-the-middle while watching Unriddle 2. Saturday, I had to go for the IMH thing but I made it back for the barbecue. Stayed up until 3am or so because I was working really hard blogging all the overdue events! Sunday, I cooked breakfast for Jiamin and I. I can be a wife now, may someone propose to me soon. But I will only cook on Sundays. The husband, you have to cook from Monday to Saturday :) Denise likes homecooked food. Food bought outside are unhealthy. I made onion omelette and prawnsssssss. I love these two dishes. I don’t know about you guys but I think whatever I cook tastes nice because it’s made with my heart and soul.

I am thinking of those two dishes and it’s driving me crazy. I want to eat that now :(

Oh, and to occupy myself while eating (I am a master at multi tasking), I watched Okto and it’s all my childhood shows but kind of brand new. I prefer the cartoons from my time.

Then to get ready for H.O.T bbq! (Take note, 2nd bbq straight)




Seeing Amanda take out her camera and snapping crazily away, I kept my camera. I don’t get why there has to be more than 1 camera in a place, lol.

So those pictures was taken after I made a heart to Crystal with my arms and then Rina and I started promoting our Aunty Club. IT WAS A HUGE HIT. OMG. EVERY GIRL WANTED TO JOIN AND THEY SHOWCASED THEIR AUNTY TALENTS. I am so proud that besides looking for the next Executive committee for H.O.T, Rina and I can pass on our Queen of Aunties roles too :) They were all on probation then, many have yet to go through the ceremony ;) Wait for the 3 claps with us.

We all missed the last train home in the end. Took a cab with Joseph, Joe and Amanda(not yin). 44 bucks omg. I rarely see such an amount since I am not much of a cab person.

I had tons of fun that night :) Love you all, H.O.T.


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