PCS bonding :)

Why nobody go and take group pictures :(

I came with Yaxun. Hee hee. I like all the games. I like the bbq. I like refilling the waterbombs. I like calling Jasmine Ah hua. I like laughing with Siaotian. I like staying in a bedroom with Yaxun. I like watching Show Luo MTV with Siaotian, Yijun and Joan. I like talking with Siaotian, Hema and Yuqing about our future. I like not allowing Hema to sleep. I like long walks below the loft with Siaotian. I like talking to Yaxun about her man (LOL). I like being able to persuade Kangling to come to the bbq. I like the talk with Yaxun at the field. I like writing stuff on the green paper. I like sitting at the swings with Jasmine. I like sitting at a table with my T04 girls.

Thank you, Hema for organising this event after a thought from Siaotian’s mind :) I had great fun. Totally no sleep and it’s thanks to Siaotian I was able to stay up. SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK.

I will miss the entire batch of PCS everyday while I am in AMK FSC :)

*3rd bbq in a row.


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