Wife again.

I forgot what I did on the 22nd sooooo 23rd!

Met up with the wife at Safra :) Then to Shaw house to watch a movie because my father gave me two free tickets. We had idea where Shaw House was and had to ask directions.


Asked the wife what he wanted to watch and he said The Hunger Games. Not that I mind but it was just two days since I watched THG for the first time. &#*(&#*(@&#*(@&#@ I should have slapped the wife but public abuse isn’t very nice. Sat at the last row and bought popcorn. Which I am not really a fan and the wife doesn’t eat much of it. Stayed back to listen to Taylor Swift’s Safe and Sound. Oh, while the song was playing, the wife started a popcorn fight. My first popcorn fight and wow, we sure did ‘decorate’ the place. It looks pretty though :) yellow spots on dark floor. Sorry people-who-cleans-up-the-cinema!

Took a bus back to school because I had to go for Alumni.

Did I take the bus back with Raj? Omg, I totally forgot.


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