Went to find Kangling after Titanic. Just seeing the coffee makes me want to cry.



Since she didn’t have a photo that day, I will give you guys the honour of seeing her contact picture in my phone.


Know why I want to cry? :( Because just yesterday (1st April 2012) I went to find Kangling and Jiajun at Vivo. I bought for all of us venti mochas. IT WAS 23 BUCKS. I HAVE NEVER SPENT 23 BUCKS AT STARBUCKS BEFORE. Drank the coffee until I really felt like dying. I am not going to have another one so soon. Maybe like, a year.

Those two made me laugh so much :) Jiajun (Kangling’s bf) was my friend even before we met face to face. WHICH IS SO COOL. And no, we didn’t meet like on some weird internet chat or something. That would be just creepy. We met through Kangling because it was high time she introduced her boyfriend to me :)

Okay, belated April fools. Jiajun’s not Kangling’s boyfriend. Later I get slapped on both sides.


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