I love it here. Something happened today.

Me: “Just now one aunty was looking for you.”
Supervisor: “Yeah I know.”
Me: “She was holding one chrysanthemum flower leh. I think it’s for you.”
Supervisor: “…………………………….”
Janelle: “Chrysanthemums are for dead people.”

Very soon my supervisor is going to go through hell because I am feeling more comfortable which means I will be very informal and Kangling said my informality is very deadly. Janelle is halfway to hell ;)

My internship days are going very well :) Everybody is so nice! We went to visit the youth and children part. Yesterday, halfway while designing our recycling bin at Youth Infinity, the youths who went for guitar classes performed for us. Roysius (12 years old) was so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeee. They performed Lady Gaga’s Poker face for us :)

Last week I went to BASIC. It’s an after school care for children. We went in during their studying time so we stayed and helped. They were so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Jerome (9) and Annabelle (10) are these two siblings who kept talking to me about different things at the same time. Annabelle kept telling me about how much her form teacher relies on her and her chinese is way better than mine. Jerome just keeps bullying me.

This 9-year old who doesn’t want to tell me his name: “You secondary what? You secondary what?”
Jerome: “You are one hundred million years old!!!”
Me: “I’m 18. Don’t look like right!!!”
Jerome: “One millionnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!”

Annabelle and Jerome told me that the next day was their last day and ask me to come back and see them. I promised to. Went over the next day because I don’t want them to think I’m a liar, I wanted to see them too. In the end, they didn’t turn up :( :( :( Hoping that they stay as nice as they are now. Well, at least I got to see them on their last day. They told me jokes and everything :)

So far, dinner with Yaxun, Janelle and Luanne. Dinner and a walk in AMK Hub with Vincent Kang. Raj came to find me after nightshift. There was an H.O.T meeting in school and Xavier accompanied me to buy my dinner! Lunch with Yaxun and Janelle. Junction 8 with Janelle. Raj came to find me after Alumni. I don’t think I left anybody else out..

I can’t believe I was dreading internship and cried when I couldn’t go to Trybe. I got something waaaaaaaaay better :)

I guess the only con is that after every house visit, I lose a bit of faith in humanity. Then again, it’s the real world. I’m getting trained! Omg, see what I did there. Everything will turn out better, it’s out you look at it :)


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